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Big city Life - Unisex Ultra Black Cotton Tee

Big city Life - Unisex Ultra Black Cotton Tee

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Step into the rhythm of the concrete jungle with our 'Big City Life' Unisex Ultra Black Cotton Tee. This tee captures the essence of urban life, where every street corner is a story waiting to be told. 100% cotton and comfortable, this tee offers a timeless, flattering silhouette for all. The seamless design eliminates itchy side seams, and the ribbed collar enhances elasticity for a comfortable fit. Celebrate the vibrant energy of the city with this versatile tee.
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  • Tissu

    Coton fabriqué dans le respect de l'environnement, qui donne à la chemise un aspect vintage plus épais. Vêtement durable convenant à un usage quotidien.

  • Composition des fibres

    Les couleurs unies sont 100 % coton ; les couleurs chinées sont 50 % coton, 50 % polyester ; le gris est 90 % coton, 10 % polyester ; les antiques sont 90 % coton, 10 % polyester.

  • Expédition rapide

    Nous offrons un service d'expédition express dans le monde entier pour toutes les commandes. Vous recevrez votre commande environ 2 à 5 jours après l'expédition.

Cool is simple

Forget the hype, forget the trends. We're crafting purpose, not just things. We believe that design should be both beautiful and meaningful.

Our 100% cotton tees are more than just clothes. They're thick, comfy, and made with eco-friendly processes. They're a statement of intent, a testament to our dedication to both style and sustainability.

We're constantly evolving, driven by fresh ideas and a relentless pursuit of simplicity. Because the coolest things in life are often the most uncomplicated.